Our Journey

Colleen, a true local and Lincoln Way alumnus, traveled the world and studied in many different fields before realizing her true passion of bringing bliss in the form of baked goods to her friends and neighbors. She achieved a degree in Biology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne before following her heart to the French Pastry School in Chicago. While there, she learned the fine art of whipping and frosting, but she wanted to experience more of what French cuisine had to offer. She chased that desire across the Atlantic Ocean to Cordes Sur Ciel, where she continued her pastry education at Yves Thuriès’ Musee du Sucre. Colleen has baked and created for a variety of different audiences, ranging from homey local farmer’s markets to the Two Michelin Star Restaurant, Ria, located in the former Elysian Hotel. Now, Colleen longs to bring her charm, her knowledge, and her delicious confections to the hearts, and stomachs, of a town that she calls home.